Business Process Management (BPM) 101

Develop your capacities in business process management (BPM). Understand BPM foundations, concepts, principles and practices to help your organization evolve with this approach.

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More and more organizations are becoming interested in BPM. Is your organization part of the trend? To be an actor in the shift to business process management, you’ll need the ability to intervene in projects using this approach and you’ll need BPM terminology.  This training program offers the full range of BPM foundations, concepts, principles and practices.

Combine this training program, tried and tested by thousands of past participants, with BPMN. 


Who’s it for?

You want to improve your BPM skills and become an expert in this approach?
You are directly involved in business process management (BPM)?
You want to take part in the evolution of your organization, which is interested in the BPM approach?

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  1. Learn BPM foundations and principles
  2. Obtain an overview of BPM methods and practices
  3. Understand the main reference models recognized in the marketplace
  4. Recognize different maturity levels of business processes
  5. Define terms of reference for process quality and governance


  1. Participate in changes resulting from a BPM improvement process
  2. Interact efficiently with business- and enterprise-architects within your organization
  3. Be an actor in an organization integrating BPM into its practices

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Learn how to document your processes with the BPMN method.  Within your organization, use uniform practices recognized by the OMG.

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