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Experts in Lean Six Sigma, BPM and industrial engineering

At Mindcore Consultant Service, our strength is optimizing your business processes. We work mainly with service organizations using proven techniques such as Lean, Six Sigma, BPM and industrial engineering. Our specialized training programs respond to the specific needs of your organization.

Partnership with us means:
• Improved processes
• Improved operational management
• Maximized use of human resources

The result? We assist you to increase the productivity, quality and efficiency of your services, and to minimize your costs.
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We streamline your business processes by reducing to a minimum waste and losses in time, money and other resources. From the client’s point of view, Lean increases productivity and improves your organization’s performance, giving you more fluidity, flexibility and agility.


We reduce margin of error in your business processes, pushing them towards zero defect. Your business processes becomes more reliable, stable and predictable, and results obtained are on target. Six Sigma improves output quality from your operations, a key ingredient of client satisfaction.


We evaluate your business processes as a whole and, using this holistic approach, identify the weak spots. BPM integrates business solutions that respect best practices in your industry.

Industrial engineering

We analyze your operating systems with an approach that integrates human, material and computer resources. Technical know-how from industrial engineering enables us to analyze the complexity of your business affairs and to find logical, concrete solutions.

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Explore Lean in all its forms! Trainings designed specifically for the business and service sectors, focused on tools for a culture of excellence. We have what you need.

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Programs

Get the management and analysis skills you need to put LSS principles, methodology and tools into practice.


Be part of the shift to business process management! Is your enterprise integrating BPM practices? Our trainings will let you join in.