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Lean Trainings

Explore Lean in all its forms! Trainings designed specifically for the business and service sectors, focused on tools for a culture of excellence. We have what you need.

Programmes Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma (LSS)

Get the management and analysis skills you need to put LSS principles, methodology and tools into practice.

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Be part of the shift to business process management! Is your enterprise integrating BPM practices? Our trainings will let you join in.  


Expand your knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma methodology and its tools for improving your processes. We offer 5 recognized training programs (Champion and White, Yellow, Green and Black Belts) adapted for service organizations. Contact our training team, who are skilled at explaining LSS to all levels.


Learn LSS basics and acquire the know-how to structure and set up a continuous improvement approach.
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white belt

Explore basic LSS concepts. Understand its principles and benefits, and learn how to interact with project leaders.
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Ceinture blanche

yellow belt

Learn about basic LSS tools and methodology. Understand improvement projects, offer constructive criticism and even collaborate! Learn more E

Ceinture blanche

green belt

Master LSS methodology and tools to conduct process improvement projects on your own within your organization.
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Ceinture blanche

black belt

Acquire expertise in LSS techniques and statistical analysis tools. Lead major interdepartmental improvement projects.
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