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Black Belt

Learn advanced concepts from the Lean Six Sigma technique, conduct improvement projects of global processes in your organization, and apply recognized LSS tools efficiently at the organizational level. Register online E

Duration of training

GB + 10 days


Certificate (includes exam and Green Belt prerequisite)

Upcoming dates

To be completed

This certification offers access to specific tools of statistical measurement and analysis that can make you a continuous improvement ambassador in your organization.

The Black Belt offers a guaranteed return on your investment! As a general rule, once you have mastered the tools and methodology, you should bring in 3 to 5 times your annual salary thanks to business process optimization projects.

Who is it for?

You are a manager of major projects affecting different departments in your organization.

You are responsible for introducing the continuous improvement culture and methods in your company,

You wish to improve your ability to solve LSS problems and act as a leader for major improvement projects.

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  1. Learn Lean Six Sigma project management methodology
  2. Acquire advanced management tools
  3. Perfect your problem-solving abilities
  4. Develop advanced skills to manage and complete Lean Six Sigma projects
  5. Mobilize your teams throughout the various steps of your projects


  1. Ensure the success of your improvement project with a recognized method and with coaching while you implement the LSS technique
  2. Maximize operational efficiency benefits (reductions in delays and costs, and increases in quality and client satisfaction) of your overall improvement initiative.

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