Explore recognized practices to optimize performance and structure a continuous improvement approach in your organization. Obtaining expert advice guarantees success in your initiative.

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This program equips you with the means to become efficient instigators of improvement projects. You will get the information you need to structure the LSS approach and to support employees on your team with Green or Black Belt certification.

Who is it for?

You are a middle or upper management executive. You are a member of the management committee in your company.

You are in charge of setting up a continuous improvement process within your organization.

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  1. Understand Lean Six Sigma concepts
  2. Get an overview of LSS methodology
  3. Become capable of structuring a process improvement approach (in terms of resource allocation, for instance) within your organization
  4. Provide better support to team members managing improvement projects


  1. Ensure the success of your improvement projects by adequate planning
  2. Learn to provide critical assessment of improvement projects under your responsibility
  3. Obtain advice from experts on implementing the LSS approach in your organization


Temoignage 1

Congratulations! A formula that’s meaningful for managers!

Christian C. – Desjardins Personal Insurance and Wealth Management

Temoignage 2

Can’t wait to apply Lean Six Sigma to my team, and most of all, can’t wait for the results!

Anonymous employee – Desjardins Personal Insurance and Wealth Management

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