Since 2012, we have worked with a municipality to improve services to citizens by introducing a culture of excellence.  Through a series of large-scale projects, we have had an impact on over 500 employees and over 50,000 citizens.

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In an effort to improve the sense of belonging and pride among citizens, a municipality wished to undertake an initiative to optimize its processes.  The aim was to achieve a culture of organizational excellence.


The city asked our team for coaching to develop its own culture of continuous improvement, to review its practices and to optimize its administrative structure and the services it offers the public.

We performed a horizontal review of targeted end-to-end processes, including public works, the technical department, urban planning, the director general’s office, legal services and communications.

The mandate had four components: change strategy and management; skills development; the optimization of processes through projects, and managing performance by introducing balanced score cards (BSC).

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Our approach included strategic workshops to identify end-to-end processes and give them priority, as well as Kaizen workshops with multidisciplinary teams to optimize targeted factors.  To encourage employee involvement in continuous improvement, we coached administrators in managing performance by introducing balanced score cards into departments.

No efforts in training or consciousness-raising were spared by our team to assist the municipality change its culture.


  1. Improve citizen satisfaction
  2. Increase a sense of belonging in citizens and employees
  3. Optimize processes
  4. Improve the quality of services offered by the city
  5. Create a culture of continuous improvement


  1. Improved citizen satisfaction
    • Optimized and standardized the processing of citizen requests
  2. Optimized process and quality of services
    • Improved organization’s philosophy
    • Saved 30% in service costs in the public works department for snow removal in 2013/2014
  3. Created a culture of continuous improvement
    • Increased the sense of team spirit
    • Introduced and used operational and strategic balanced score cards
  4. Increased the sense of belonging
    • Improved internal communication tools
    • Mobilized employees

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